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How do I get in touch with my Hospitalist?
     Our office staff is available during regular business hours, Monday through Friday 9am - 5pm.  Our physicians will see you every single day you are in the hospital.  We make every effort to ensure you see the same physician every day.  If you have an emergent issue, please contact your nurse, there is a physician available 24hrs/day, 365days/yr.  If the issue can wait, please wait for the physician to make rounds, where they will be happy to answer any and all questions.
What if my Hospitalist doesn't accept my insurance?
     Our doctors will see all patients regardless of insurance.  We generally accept all insurances, including Hillsborough County, and Medicaid.  We also see patients without insurance if admission to the hospital is necessary.
What would the doctors like me to know?
      We want you to be actively involved in the inpatient process.  Please keep a pen and notepad around, and write down any questions you may think of during the day, that way you can ask us all your questions when we come to see you.  Please also inform us of any new complaints each day.  Please let us know if you are not eating well or having difficulty going to the bathroom.
What if my loved one is admitted and having difficulty letting me know what is happening?
     We realize that our loved ones cannot always keep us adequately updated on their condition while in the hospital.  We ask that one representative for the family gives their contact information (preferably a cellphone number) to the nursing staff, and ask the nurses to inform the doctor that family would like an update.  We will generally wait until we see your loved one that day for two reasons... First, we want to give you the most up to date information.  Second, if they are cognizant, federal laws require us to ask their permission before any patient information can be stated over the phone.
What should I do on my day of discharge?
     We understand that being discharged can be an exciting and sometimes frightening prospect.  On occasions where we can anticipate a discharge the next day, ask the doctor what time you think they will be able to discharge you the next day.  We understand you need to let your family know when to pick you up.  Please understand that we can only estimate, emergencies do come up, and nurses will need to do another hour of paperwork even after we write the order.  Please let the doctor know ahead of time if you will need prescription refills (we will of course write any new prescriptions), home health, home equipment (shower chairs, walker, etc) so we can have that arranged when you are ready leave.  Please also let the physician know when you see them if you need a note for work, forms filled, etc.